A Brief History Of Global Health Conference Midwest

The Global Health Conference Midwest (GHCM) was born in 2005 out of the efforts of two University of Nebraska Medical Center organizations - International Studies & Programs and Student Alliance for Global Health - that focus on international relations and health. In 2014, the conference leadership was transferred to Creighton University, where a multidisciplinary team has committed to continuing the growth and development of this annual conference. Today, GHCM is an opportunity for professionals, faculty, and students to connect, collaborate, engage, and learn about pertinent and emerging topics in global health. GHCM represents professionals, graduate students, undergraduates, academic faculty, community organizations, and community members.

The purpose of the conference is to catalyze action in global health by providing insight into global health issues, promoting a common voice for those interested in global health, fostering talent, and facilitating interdisciplinary partnerships. GHCM features a variety of educational activities to interest students and professionals of all levels and disciplines. The weekend event features a mix of networking opportunities, global health research, films, interactive discussions, and lecture style presentations. New to the conference in 2016 was the GHCM Community Fair, a vibrant gathering of 23 local and regional community organization that provide incredible services for communities and individuals at home and abroad. GHCM 2019 will bring new ideas, fresh perspective, and engaging discussion as we continue this journey, calling attention to and driving action toward tackling the many issues afflicting our world.




Videos from GHCM 2016, 2017, and 2018 can be found on our YouTube channel.


If you didn't get a chance to attend GHCM these past few years, or you just want to re-watch some of your favorites, hit the link above to check out the keynotes and breakout sessions that we recorded! 

Given By Renaisa S. Anthony, MD, MPH Achieving health equity is an ongoing objective in today's world. Healthy People 2020 has identified a complex arrangement of factors known as the social determinants of health that largely influence the health of an individual or population.

GHCM 2018 Keynote Speakers





Dr. Geetha Jayaram, MD, MBA

"Global Mental Health: Problems and Proposed Solutions for Low and Middle Income Countries"










Jean Gardy Marius, MD, MGH

"The Challenge of Implementing Global Health in Developing Countries"









Steve James, CRNA

"Giving Back, Exporting your Talent Abroad"



GHCM 2017 Keynote Speakers

Sharon Rudy picture.jpg




Dr. Sharon Rudy, PhD

"Planning Your Global Health Career: What it Takes to be Successful"











Dr. Sriram Shamasunder, MD, DTM&H

"The HEAL Experiment: Capitalizing the “E” in Global Health Equity"






Dr. Chris Elias, MD, MPH

"Beyond Medicine: How Markets, Data & Partnerships Shape Global Health"

GHCM 2016 Keynote Speakers




Renaisa S. Anthony, MD, MPH

“We Are the World: A 21st Century Health Disparities Perspective”









Duncan Maru, MD, PhD

"Role of Public Sector Businesses in Healthcare Delivery Transformation: View from Nepal”







Steve Luby, MD

“Lead intoxication in rural Bangladesh: Undermining a healthy future”

GHCM 2015 Keynote Speakers




Dr. Sheila Ryan, PhD, RN, FAAN

“Stories and lessons learned from Asia and the Mid-East”




Dr. Ramnath Subbaraman, MD

“Off the Map: Health and Survival in a Setting of Legal Exclusion”




Dr. Tim Brewer, MD, MPH

“Recognizing Outbreaks: Public Health in an Interconnected World”