Beginning in Guinea in December 2013, the most widespread Ebola epidemic in recent history attacked much of West Africa. Cases of Ebola spread quickly among healthcare workers exposed to bodily fluids of those affected by the virus, allowing for its spread into the United Kingdom and the United States. With a number of American physicians treating patients in West Africa and treatment of those affected right here in Omaha, the recent Ebola outbreak is one of the most significant global health issues in the past decade. The spread of the virus has slowed recently, but the new head of the World Health Organization's Africa region says the world needs to remain committed to stop transmission entirely: 

Our mission is a multidisciplinary effort to address health disparities among marginalized populations nationally and internationally. Through education, advocacy, and service, we aim to raise awareness of global issues by engaging individuals and communities to partner with those who are made vulnerable.

End in Sight for Ebola Outbreak

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Global Health Conference Midwest (GHCM) is an opportunity for professionals, faculty, and students to connect, collaborate, engage and learn about pertinent and emerging topics in global health. GHCM represents professionals, graduate students, undergraduates, academic faculty, community organizations, and community members. The purpose of the conference is to catalyze action in global health by providing insight into global health issues, promoting a common voice for those interested in global health, fostering talent, and facilitating interdisciplinary partnerships.

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